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Mill certificates
26.11.2018 FSSC-22000-Kyro doctype
16.11.2018 ISO9001, Finnish mills doctype
23.10.2018 FSSC-22000-Simpele doctype
3.9.2018 Mill info sheet doctype
4.4.2018 PEFC logo licence doctype
26.3.2018 PEFC, multisite doctype
14.2.2018 Metsä Board Husum ISO 50001 doctype
2.2.2018 FSC Chain of Custody doctype
23.1.2018 OHSAS 18001-Metsa-Board-Husum doctype
18.1.2018 ISO-22000-Metsa-Board-Husum-SE doctype
30.5.2017 ISO-22000, Finnish mills doctype
30.5.2017 ISO50001 Metsa Board Finnish mills doctype
30.5.2017 ISO14001, Finnish mills doctype
30.5.2017 OHSAS 18001, Finnish mills doctype
30.5.2017 ISO9001/14001/22000/50001/OHSAS Multisite certificate doctype
8.2.2017 Metsä Board Husum ISO 14001 doctype
8.2.2017 Metsä Board Husum ISO 9001 doctype