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Mill certificates
15.11.2021 FSSC-22000-Aanekoski doctype
25.5.2021 ISO-22000-Metsa-Board-Husum-SE doctype
25.5.2021 Metsä Board Husum ISO 50001 doctype
25.5.2021 Metsä Board Husum ISO 9001 doctype
25.5.2021 ISO 14001 Metsa Board Husum doctype
25.5.2021 FSSC 22000 Husum doctype
25.5.2021 ISO-45001-Metsa-Board-Husum doctype
23.4.2021 ISO-22000, Finnish mills doctype
23.4.2021 ISO50001 Metsa Board Finnish mills doctype
23.4.2021 ISO9001-14001-22000-50001-45001-Multisite-certificate doctype
20.1.2021 Mill info sheet doctype
22.12.2020 FSSC-22000-Kemi doctype
13.10.2020 FSC Chain of Custody doctype
30.8.2020 FSSC-22000-Kyro doctype
7.6.2020 FSSC-22000-Simpele doctype
31.5.2020 Product safety principles doctype
5.3.2020 ISO14001, Finnish mills doctype
5.3.2020 ISO9001, Finnish mills doctype
5.3.2020 ISO45001-Finnish-mills doctype
24.1.2019 PEFC logo licence doctype
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