Bag-in-box wine carton packages

Box wines showing all the right signs

Bag-in-box packages are gaining more and more foothold in some of the largest wine drinking countries in North America and Europe. The market intelligence publisher Euromonitor is forecasting an increase of 4 % p.a. for the global bag-in-box retail packaging market by 2020.
The USA is the biggest bag-in-box consumer in the world followed by France, the annual growth rate in both countries being a bit less than 4 %.  The next largest bag-in-box consumers in the world are Russia, Sweden, South Africa and Australia. Bag-in-box wine packaging was invented in Australia in 1965, and it has been estimated that one in three glasses of wine consumed in the country now comes from a box.

Metsä Board produces linerboards used in the corrugated structures of bag-in-box solutions, which offer a convenient, cost-efficient and sustainable packaging alternative.
Graph: Bag-in-box prospects for wine by top markets 2015Euromonitor expects the global box-wine retail packaging market to increase by four per cent annually by 2020.

The art of elevation - Metsä Board's Elevated drink box

The bag-in-box carton is often place on the edge of a table to allow easy access to the plastic tap. A Metsä Board team led by Cyril Drouet, design and innovation director at Metsä Board, came up with a completely new idea: how about elevating the box itself instead of having to place it on the edge?

“The initial idea was simply that traditional ‘bag-in-box’-style packaging has been the same for decades,” says Drouet, “and that it might be time to propose something new.”

“Our new, patented design solves this issue by raising the packaging and tap with an integrated elevating base,” Drouet explains, “which can be easily unfolded by the user.”

Moreover, the base does not take extra space on the shelf, as it is folded up inside the packaging.

Cyril Drouet, Design and innovation director at Metsä Board
Cyril Drouet, design and innovation director at Metsä Board

The more sustainable packaging solution

Box-wine packaging will enjoy the most significant growth in mature markets, while the area will grow more speedily in developing countries. Both categories, however, share the need for more sustainable packaging solutions. The perception of quality, and the tradition of wine drinking in the “Old World”, prevent any pack type from being a real threat to the dominance of the glass bottle. However, there is a clear gap in the market for packaging that emphasises eco-friendliness and, in particular, recyclability.

Cyril Drouet points out that Metsä Board’s new Elevated drink box may be a potent answer to this need.

Metsä Board Elevated drink box (EDB) with wine glass

“This innovative and convenient development also makes our new packaging concept an environmentally responsible one,” he observes. “When the contents are finished, the bag can be easily removed from the box, helping the consumer to separate the materials into different waste streams.”

This holistic approach to innovation pays dividends. Where a new and rethought packaging solution can propose both increased convenience and a more sustainable way of enjoying a product, the beverage-enjoying public are almost certain to vote with their glasses.

Elevated drink box features

Our Elevated drink box is now available for your products

To gain access to this unique patented design, you will need to specify and manufacture the final product with a Metsä Board linerboard. The design is available in 1.5, 3 and 5-litre options. If you would like to know more, please contact your local sales representative to discuss licensing agreement options.

Elevated drink box in diffenrent product uses

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