Get the best from your Data Copy Office Paper

When you want to make a good impression with a presentation or a mailing to customers, the last thing you need is hassle with the paper and printer. But it’s easy to set yourself up for great print results by keeping your office paper in perfect condition.

Data Copy, one of Europe’s trusted office papers, gives these tips to help achieve trouble-free performance and minimise waste:
Metsä Board Data Copy box
  1. Keep paper dry and away from damp. When paper gets damp it can go wavy and cause printer problems.
  2. Don’t store paper near heaters or in the sun. This can dry the paper out and jam up the printer.
  3. Don’t take the paper out of the ream until you need to. The ream wrappers protect the paper.
  4. Try not to leave too much paper in the printer over weekends and long breaks. The paper can dry out.
  5. If your storage area is a lot colder than your office, give the paper some time to warm up before you put it in the printer.
  6. If possible buy your paper by the box as this gives the paper the best protection during delivery and storage.

Data Copy also has a free A3 Paper Handling poster download available at It’s ideal to put up in paper storage areas and by printers and copiers to make sure your office paper is kept in good condition.

Data Copy is a multi-functional office paper that is ideal for all your office jobs and delivers excellent colour results without the expense of specialist colour papers. Visit for more information on Data Copy or useful office tips.

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