Getting double for your paper business

In April, Data Copy office paper resellers and members of the Metsä Board A4&more Rewards Club, will get extra benefits. Instead of receiving 25 points for every pallet they register, they will get 50 points for each Data Copy pallet which they can use to ‘buy’ high quality rewards and marketing support packages. Any Data Copy reseller who buys pallets through an authorised dealer can join the Rewards Club at

With the A4&more Rewards Club, the Data Copy brand offers resellers a more tailored service for marketing and sales support as well as the latest rewards such as a Bose sound system, Swatch watch, iPods and much more. ‘Working with Data Copy should be enjoyable and rewarding, not just for our end users, but also for our channel partners. We want to thank our loyal partners with quality gifts and support sales with personalised promotions.’, said Edmund Rück, Head of Marketing Communications at Metsä Board, Paper and Pulp, Office Paper.

For more information on A4&more Rewards Club visit or email info[at]

For more information please contact:
Edmund Rück
Manager Marketing Communications
Metsä Board
Paper and Pulp
Van Boshuizenstraat 12
NL-1083 BA Amsterdam
Telephone: +31 (0)20 57 27 554
E-mail: edmund.rueck[at]