Metsä Board shows litholam and flexo liner portfolios at Fefco

To aid selection of the right linerboard, Metsä Board has separated its range of white fresh forest fibre linerboards according to the most popular conversion processes. One collection includes liners especially developed for litholamination, the other liners ideal for flexo printing.

“Consumer behaviour is driving changes in the way products are purchased, effectively shortening the value chain,” says Veijo Korkalainen, Commercial Director, Corrugated, from Metsä Board. “Whether in retail or shopping online, more convenience is demanded, and the battle for attention is increasing. More impactful marketing and faster promotions require ever higher quality graphics and a quicker turn-around. This means increased flexibility and shorter production runs by converters, influencing their choice of process and the right linerboard.”

Metsä Board’s litholamination portfolio consists of four key products, all delivering outstanding results, but meeting different needs according to strength, printability, colour density and contrast. It includes Carta Solida, a fully coated bleached paperboard for premium quality brands; Modo Northern Light Litho bleached double-coated linerboard, ideal for small or lightweight packages combined with premium printability; Carta Selecta, a double-coated speciality linerboard giving superb colour density and UV gloss; and Kemiart Graph+, a versatile double-coated white top kraftliner that provides detailed half-tones and colours in litholamination, with superb strength. Uncoated Modo Northern Light gives a special tactile feel, and it can also be used as fluting to create fully white constructions.

Flexo printing portfolio includes linerboards suitable for every type of converting process: pre or post flexo printing, either high quality to conventional, with or without dryers. Each product offers different but essential qualities according to the requirement for superior strength, converting productivity, consistent colour reproduction or strong contrast.

Known for its superior strength, the Kemiart range includes the double-coated white top kraftliners Kemiart Graph+, ideal for both flexo preprint and postprint, and Kemiart Lite+, which offers high converting productivity in flexo postprint. Kemiart Ultra is a coated white top kraftliner designed for high quality in-line and conventional flexo postprint; while Kemiart Brite is a traditional white-top kraftliner for flexo printing, excelling in large areas of colour with strong contrast.

For super-light flexo options, Modo Northern Light Flexo is a double-coated bleached liner that has high brightness, giving superb contrast and high gloss. Modo Northern Light uncoated fully bleached liner is suitable for both flexo and offset, and provides new solutions in microflute as well as traditional corrugating applications. All Metsä Board’s liners are safe for direct food contact, manufactured from fresh forest fibres grown in sustainably managed northern forests.


For further information, please contact Metsä Board:
Veijo Korkalainen, Commercial Director Corrugated
Mobile: +358 (0)50 5988052
E-mail: veijo.korkalainen(at)