Metsä Board introduces a new liner at Luxe Pack 2013

23-25 October, Stand RC3

Improved cartonboards for beautycare also on show.

Metsä Board is introducing a new fully bleached liner at Luxe Pack 2013. Modo Northern Light is a lightweight, uncoated liner with high whiteness, ideal for microflute as well as for traditional corrugated packaging. It is applicable both for outer and inner packaging in high-quality applications such as beautycare.

“This new product complements our product range by providing even more options for our customers,” says Christophe Baudry, Commercial Director Beautycare & Healthcare, Metsä Board Paperboard. “Modo Northern Light helps meet demand for lighter-weight packaging and opens up exciting opportunities for combining a lighter liner with fluting in innovative ways.”

Metsä Board will also show its folding boxboard range, highlighting the recent improvements to its grades Carta Elega and Avanta Prima. Each cartonboard in the range is now even more suitable for a particular packaging end-use such as beautycare or luxury packaging.
The shade of Carta Elega has been optimised to enhance visual whiteness – an important characteristic in the beautycare and luxury packaging market.  Avanta Prima has been further light weighted whilst maintaining the same thickness and stiffness. Its shade has also been optimised to enhance visual whiteness.

Metsä Board’s cartonboards on show at Luxe Pack include also Carta Integra and Carta Solida lightweight paperboards, as well as the Chromolux cast-coated board range that is especially recommended for applications requiring high gloss and a luxurious look.

All Metsä Board boards are made of fresh forest fibres grown in sustainably managed forests and are of known origin.

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