Metsä Board design for T2 tea packages

Metsä Board’s design for T2 tea packages is a refreshing success

Metsä Board is proud to announce that its packaging designs for the new T2 Mini Fruit Tea range gained a prestigious Merit Award at the 28th Hong Kong Print Awards in the category of Paper Packaging.

With over 1000 entries and 200 participating companies, Metsä Board’s design team based in Shanghai, needed to be both structurally and visually innovative to stand out from the crowd. The designs clearly reflect the new flavours in the T2 Mini Fruit Tea range with each flavour contained within individual fruit shaped boxes, including banana bake, watermelon sorbet, Turkish apple and peach. These uniquely shaped boxes also have an unusual and eye catching opening mechanism.

The design is printed on reverse side of Metsä Board’s Carta Solida 250 gsm fresh fibre paperboard. The uncoated side was deliberately selected to echo the natural feel of the fruit and give a softer texture to the boxes. This material of choice reproduces vivid graphics while providing a stiff and durable packaging structure that holds up well both in transport and on the shelf.

The Hong Kong Print Awards is one the most significant Award Ceremony in Hong Kong honouring the best in the Printing, Publishing and Design industries. The new ‘fruit themed’ packaging designs received their merit award at a ceremony held at the Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel on 5 December.

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