Metsä Board Magazine Spring 2020

The new Metsä Board magazine discusses the future of fast food packaging


The renewed Board Magazine is all about fast food packaging and sustainable solutions. In this issue, you can read about how consumers are looking for experiences and convenience, but also want to have healthier lifestyles and share a common concern for the environment.

Check out the impactful packages, designed for maximum brand enhancement and with strong focus for sustainability, among others the packaging of the artisan chocolate producer Kultasuklaa, made of our eco-barrier paperboard.

Metsä Board has an ambitious goal to shift away from fossil fuels by 2030. You can read the views of Petteri Taalas who represents IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. He talks about how the industry needs to reverse its energy pattern and he believes that fossil free production will soon be a significant competitive advantage for the industry.

The cutting-edge Paperboard and Packaging Excellence Centre in Äänekoski, Finland, will open in 2020. The new centre will help customers to understand the process of packaging from the very beginning to the end product. Have a look inside the building!

All this and more, in the Spring 2020 issue. You can read the magazine on our website in English, German or French.