Metsä Board at Heimtextil 2015

Cresta Heimtex

Metsä Board shows full Cresta range that meets today’s wallpaper trends at Heimtextil 2015

Hall 3.1 Stand B36

Metsä Board, the world’s leading producer of wallpaper base, showed its comprehensive Cresta range at Heimtextil 2015, with grades designed to meet all the changing trends in the wallcoverings industry and the needs of its customers.

“Looking ahead, we can see that pattern is working its way back into interiors, but more as accent or statement walls,” says Olli Haaranoja, VP, Head of Kyro Wallpaper business unit. “Increasingly wallpapers can be purchased online from both niche designers and established manufacturers, cutting out the trip to the DIY store and investment in decorating kit. Ease of use is appreciated by consumers, and non-wovens - designed for trouble-free paste-the-wall application - are the perfect solution.”

Metsä Board also answered questions about sustainability, increasingly important in the supply chain to meet demand for ethical and responsible purchasing practice. It was recently awarded a position in the CDP’s Nordic Climate Disclosure Leadership Index, achieving a score of 98 out of 100 for the transparency, depth and quality of climate change data disclosed to investors and the global marketplace.

“We are committed to the principles of sustainability and take the economic, social and environmental impacts of all our operations into consideration,” adds Olli Haaranoja. “Our main raw material is renewable fresh forest fibres, grown in sustainable northern forests. The Cresta range is made at Metsä Board’s Kyro mill, which holds both PEFC and FSC chain-of-custody certification and uses bioenergy in its production.”

Cresta’s superior printability comes from a refined formation process, which also ensures good PVC adhesion and lay-flat properties. Its smoothness enables optimal visual results in all applications, with opacity that helps disguise imperfect walls and light-fastness that resists yellowing.

The Cresta range includes bases suitable for all printing and converting processes. It offers products for paste-the-wall, washable and strippable wallcoverings, as well as expanded vinyl, PVC coating and paper wallcoverings. There are also specialist products with resistance to high temperatures in converting or are suitable for inks containing pearlescent pigments.

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For further information, please contact Metsä Board:
Olli Haaranoja, VP, Head of Kyro wallpaper business unit
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