Metsä Board at Luxe Pack New York 2014

Metsä Board MNL parfum white original

Metsä Board shows new cartonboard for luxury packaging – Carta Allura - at Luxe Pack New York, together with new coated and uncoated lightweight linerboards

Metsä Board is introducing its new cartonboard, Carta Allura, at Luxe Pack New York, 14-15 May 2014. Designed especially for luxury end-uses, Carta Allura has exceptional smoothness making it ideal for foil lamination, high-gloss varnish and other special effects. It also has high brightness and an attractive visual appearance that creates the right impression when used for premium products. Carta Allura is most suitable for beautycare, high-end food and beverages as well as graphics applications.

Carta Allura is lightweight yet firm, giving more cartons per ton and enhancing sustainability. Its consistency and stiffness make production processes trouble-free. Its reverse side is also coated to ensure a good finish to the inside of the carton.

Also on show will be Metsä Board’s new Modo Northern Light range of lightweight, fully-bleached coated and uncoated liners that can also be used as fluting. They are ideal for microflute, and provide new options in traditional corrugated applications but saving as much as 35% in weight. The liners are suitable for sensitive products such as beautycare and food thanks to their use of pure fresh forest fibers. They are equally applicable for point of sale, shopping bags, and any lightweight consumer packs.

Uncoated Modo Northern Light comes in a low substance range from 80-160 g/m2 and a bright white shade, making it ideal for microflute applications such as perfume and other beautycare packaging. Modo Northern Light Litho is specially developed for litholamination and also suitable for other offset applications; Modo Northern Light Flexo is recommended for flexo preprint. Both double-coated grades offer high whiteness, gloss and premium printing properties in lower substances.

Metsä Board will also show its other beautycare and premium packaging grades, including Carta Elega, Carta Integra, Carta Solida, Avanta Prima, and Chromolux. All Metsä Board cartonboards are made from traceable fresh forest fibers grown in sustainably managed northern forests and are pure and safe for use with sensitive products.

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