Metsä Board helps create a luxury bag full of confectionery delights

Finnish liquorice producer Kouvolan Lakritsi wanted to take its confectionery into new retail channels and to help do this they called upon the expertise of Metsä Board's packaging analysis and design team and specified its lightweight pure fresh fibre paperboards. The result of this collaboration was 'golden' packaging designed to look and feel like an exclusive branded leather-like clutch-bag.

"We wanted packaging that created maximum impact combined with strong ecological values. As a company we pay special attention to the environment, for example, our factory uses only biogas. In addition, the raw materials for our liquorice are pure and natural, just like Metsä Board's packaging board," explains the owner of Kouvolan Lakritsi Timo Nisula.

The packaging is made from MetsäBoard Prime FBB 355 g/m2 folding boxboard. Its high surface smoothness is perfect for special lamination techniques and high-quality multilayer embossing. The eye-catching package was produced by Cadpack in Finland.

"This is an excellent example of how packaging design can really make a strong statement about the product it contains and also demonstrates how we can all take ecological values into account without compromising the final aesthetics," states Ilkka Harju, Metsä Board's Packaging Services Director EMEA, who created the packaging design.


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