Metsä Board introduces a new fully bleached coated liner

Coated, lightweight Modo Northern Light is ideal for microflute and litho lamination

Following the successful launch of uncoated Modo Northern Light last year, Metsä Board is introducing a new coated version of the liner. It complements Metsä Board’s coated Kemiart kraftliners by adding a grade with high whiteness and quality printing properties in lower substances. Coated Modo Northern Light is ideal for litho lamination and microflute applications, and is especially suitable for food packaging thanks to its pure fresh forest fibres, as well as for many other end-uses.

“Coated Modo Northern Light is a welcome addition to our lightweight linerboard portfolio – a litho lamination liner in lower substances,” says Risto Auero, VP Linerboard Sales, Metsä Board.”It provides excellent printing properties, and is an appreciated solution in markets where a pure material is needed for food packaging and other sensitive products.”

It is possible to create a very light but strong corrugated structure by using both coated and uncoated Modo Northern Light in various combinations of top and reverse side liner, and the uncoated grade as fluting.

Modo Northern Light linerboards are manufactured at Metsä Board’s Husum mill in Sweden, which holds PEFC and FSC chain of custody certification as well as environmental and quality certificates. It is made from fresh forest fibres grown in sustainably managed forests. The fibres are of known origin and Metsä Board can trace all other raw materials used in the liner’s manufacture.

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For further information, please contact:
Risto Auero, Vice President, Linerboard Sales
Mobile +358 (0)50 598 8828
E-mail: risto.auero(at)