Metsä Board named packaging printing champion in Hong Kong print awards 2015

Metsä Board has been named as Champion of Packaging Printing in the Hong Kong Print Awards 2015 for a box designed for Victorinox China, to relaunch its Rescue Tool in the Chinese market. The box opens at the side, evoking the way blades fan out from the tool itself. It is constructed using Carta Elega folding boxboard.

It is the third year running Metsä Board has won in Hong Kong Print Awards. Run by the Graphic Arts Association of Hong Kong and open to designers, printers, publishers and related industries, the Awards were presented at a ceremony in Hong Kong on 7 December 2015.

The box was created by Metsä Board’s Packaging Services team, who were approached by Victorinox China to redesign the packaging for the Rescue Tool – a multi-purpose knife for safety and rescue professionals such as fire fighters and medical technicians. The original plain, matchbox-style package was completely redesigned with an innovative, rigid box that simulates the opening of the knife itself.

The new packaging has a glue-free structure, promoting Victorinox’s sustainability goals and values. It features replaceable side panels that can be printed with marketing information depending on the occasion. Exceptionally sharp corners with no overlapping corner folds set this package apart from traditional rigid boxes. Carta Elega was chosen for its stiffness and smoothness, providing a luxurious feel while maintaining lightweight and sustainability.

Cyril Drouet, Design & Innovation Director of Shanghai-based Metsä Board Packaging Services, says: “The prize is recognition for the teamwork between the client, our sales people and Packaging Services. We are delighted that Victorinox has featured the packaging in its online campaign, and that it has now achieved recognition within the print industry.”

Metsä Board Packaging Services is dedicated to enhancing brand value and success by delivering sustainable, secure and innovative packaging solutions. Its services range from global packaging strategy and market intelligence to cost analysis, design and laboratory testing. Innovative approaches to packaging lowers cost, improves efficiency and sustainability.

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