Paperboard scincare giftbox Luxe Pack Shanghai 2017  

Metsä Board skincare gift box wins the Luxe Pack Shanghai 2017 'in green' Award

Paperboard scincare giftbox Luxe Pack Shanghai team

Metsä Board has recently won the Luxe Pack Shanghai ’in green’ Award, in the best eco-friendly Packaging Solution category, with its skincare gift box. The skincare packaging concept is designed to promote sustainability while providing a unique user experience. The concept represents a winning combination of Metsä Board’s pure, lightweight and stiff paperboards and the company’s innovative packaging design service for more ecological and convenient solutions. The brief was to look at ways to improve the traditional secondary paperboard packaging, with a strong emphasis upon sustainability, strengthening brand values and reducing packaging and plastic – without compromising the consumer experience.

The outer box of the skincare gift set offers sharp corners with no overlapping corner folds. The box structure is glueless. The PET window is designed to be easily removable for trouble-free recycling. The three internal boxes each offer different one-step opening and closing mechanisms, enhancing brand value through a unique consumer experience.

The Luxe Pack ‘in green’ Award recognises new eco-friendly designed products which demonstrate a specific positive environmental and sustainable impact.

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