Metsä Board takes part in Quite a package! campaign

Metsä Board takes part in Quite a package! campaign by the Finnish Association of Packaging Technology and Research – PTR. The campaign aims to increase consumers’ awareness of the importance of packaging food and beverage. The campaign explains why packaging benefits both consumers and the environment.

Nowadays the reasons for packaging foodstuff are unclear to most consumers. For example, consumers often prefer products that are not packed to save the environment, although it is not the best solution from the environment’s point of view.

”Only a fraction of the environmental impacts of the production chain are caused by packaging. From the environment’s point of view, it is much more problematic that so much food is wasted,” says Satu Jokinen, packaging specialist at PTR.

A good packaging is inconspicuous but it has a significant meaning. It keeps the aromas inside and extra aromas out. A good packaging is designed so that all food and beverage would be used and as little as possible would be wasted.

Quite a package! campaign includes six videos that show how packaging fulfills the characteristic requirements of oat flakes, pizza, coffee drink, chocolate or milk. Metsä Board took part in a video that shows the meaning of packaging for oat flakes. Made of Metsä Board’s fresh forest fibre the packaging keeps the oat flakes pure without a separate inner sachet. In addition, paperboard packaging is lightweight and recyclable.

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