Metsä board shows its sustainable wallpaper bases at Heimtextil 2016

Hall 3.1, stand B36

Metsä Board, the world’s leading producer of wallpaper base, is showing its comprehensive Cresta range at Heimtextil 2016. The main raw material of Cresta wallpaper base is renewable fresh forest fibres, grown in sustainable northern forests, helping meet demand from consumers for natural materials.

The CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) has endorsed the sustainability of Metsä Board,
awarding the company leadership in its Climate Change, Water and Forest programmes. Metsä Board achieved 100/100 for the quality of its climate change information, winning a place in the Nordic Disclosure Leadership Index. It was one of only eight companies worldwide, and sole forest industry company, awarded an A grade for water management. And it was one of only nine companies awarded leadership status in the forest programme.

“It’s important that a wallpaper base should be able to verify its sustainability, as this is now so desirable throughout the supply chain,” says Olli Haaranoja, VP, Head of Kyro Wallpaper business unit. “Our Kyro mill holds both PEFC and FSC chain of custody certification, and around 80% of the energy it uses in production is bioenergy.”

The Cresta range includes bases suitable for all printing and converting processes. It offers products for paste-the-wall, washable and strippable wallcoverings, as well as expanded vinyl, PVC coating and paper wallcoverings. There are also specialist products with resistance to high temperatures in converting or are suitable for inks containing pearlescent pigments.

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The full range of Metsä Board wallpaper bases includes:
Cresta D Uncoated peelable and spongeable wallpaper base
Cresta D OBA Uncoated peelable and spongeable FWA-containing wallpaper base
Cresta D1 Single-coated peelable and spongeable wallpaper base
Cresta D2 Double-coated peelable and washable wallpaper base
Cresta M Single-layer mechanical wallpaper base
Cresta MB Single-layer high-bulk mechanical wallpaper base
Cresta NG Uncoated wood-containing non-woven
Cresta NGX Both sides coated wood-containing non-woven
Cresta NG2 Triple-coated wood-containing non-woven
Cresta NG2S Triple-coated wood-containing non-woven

For further information, please contact Metsä Board:

Olli Haaranoja, VP, Head of Kyro wallpaper business unit
Mobile: +358 (0)50 5987850
E-mail: olli.haaranoja(at)