New support program for paper resellers

Metsä Board, manufacturer of Data Copy office paper, is launching the A4&more Rewards Club for its resellers across Europe. The loyalty programme aims to provide a higher level of marketing support and reward resellers with a range of gifts.

Edmund Rück, Head of Marketing Communications at Metsä Board, Pulp and Paper, said “As a paper producer we want to build a closer relationship with our resellers and make Data Copy a more exciting proposition for them.”

Members of the A4&more Rewards Club will earn points with every pallet of Data Copy they buy from an authorised wholesaler. They can use those points to buy personalised promotions, gifts and Data Copy paper. The program will be run online at

“Many mid-range resellers are finding it tough at the moment and we hope that providing additional marketing resources and incentives will help improve their office paper sales.”, said Edmund Rück.

According to Metsä Board, Data Copy is well suited to this market and they expect sales to increase over 2013. This multi-functional paper has been improved to deliver quality colour performance without the high price of many ‘colour papers’.

Resellers can find out more about the loyalty program at or email info[at]

For more information please contact:
Edmund Rück
Manager Marketing Communications

Metsä Board
Paper and Pulp
Van Boshuizenstraat 12
NL-1083 BA Amsterdam
Telephone   +31 (0)20 57 27 554
E-mail   edmund.rueck[at]