PCD Awards recognise sustainability of Metsä Board Skincare Box


The Metsä Board Skincare box set has received more recognition, gaining a Certificate for Sustainable Development and Respect of the Environment in the 2015 PCD Awards. The Certificate was presented to Metsä Board at a ceremony closing the PCD (Packaging of Perfume, Cosmetics & Design) exhibition in Paris.

In December the box won the Championship for Environmentally Friendly Printing in the Hong Kong Print Awards 2014. The glueless rigid box demonstrates how innovative packaging for the cosmetic market can be made using 100% recyclable paperboard, avoiding plastic wrapping, while the inner cartons provide a unique user experience.

By using no glue in construction of the rigid box, drying time is eliminated and speeds up the manufacturing process. A PET window is inserted in the lid, but can be easily removed before recycling. Corners look sharp and precise, and there are no excessive layers of paperboard. If extra security is required, the lid can be spot glued to the base, which cuts out the need for extra plastic wrap common in this market.

The box was designed by Metsä Board Packaging Services which is dedicated to enhancing global brand value and success by delivering sustainable, secure and innovative packaging solutions. Metsä Board Packaging Services can provide everything from coordination of the initial brief, through research, testing, and both structural and graphical design.

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