Two designs made from Metsä Board paperboard win the Green Packaging Star Award 2018


The Green Packaging Star Award was awarded for two designs using fresh fibre paperboards from Metsä Board at FachPack 2018.The T2 Mini Fruit Tea packaging won in the category ‘Design’ and the Pago fruit juice promotion ‘Message on a bottle’ won the first prize in the category ‘Environmentally-friendly Corporate Philosophy.

The T2 Mini Fruit Tea packaging, designed by Metsä Board, is printed on the uncoated reverse side of MetsäBoard Pro FBB Bright 250 g/m2 to echo the natural feel of the fruit. The Pago fruit juice promotion was developed by the Austrian Designer Gerlinde Gruber in collaboration with Martha Ploder. Made from MetsäBoard Pro FBB Bright 285 g/m2, this well thought out paperboard sleeve also works as an attention-grabbing on-shelf marketing tool

The Green Packaging Star Award honours developments in the packaging sector that particularly contribute to the conservation of resources and waste avoidance.


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