A feel-good purchase made from Metsä Board's paperboard

​Did you open the window on an advent calendar this morning? A calendar brings joy and excitement in the middle of the darkest time of the year. Let us introduce you to five perspectives to the traditional Advent Calendar of the Guides and Scouts of Finland. 

1. Honouring traditions.

Since the calendar was launched in 1947, the windows opened every Sunday have revealed a candle, while the window opened on Finland's Independence Day has revealed the flag of Finland, and the one opened on St. Lucy's Day has featured Lucy.

2. Some of the calendars in the early 1960s could be assembled to stand upright.

The calendar in 1960 was in the form of a house, and in 1962 it was a candelabra.

3. Light in the darkness.

Up until 1980, the calendar's background was made from a thin material similar to baking paper that allowed light to shine through beautifully once window had been opened.

4. A feel-good purchase.

All of the proceeds from the calendar's sales go to support the activities of guides and scouts. In 2016, the price of the calendar is EUR 7.

5. Quality material.

Best of all – the Advent Calendar of the Guides and Scouts of Finland is made from Metsä Board's Carta Elega board.


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