Board Magazine goes festive: the 2021–2022 Winter Issue is published

​During the darkest and often busiest time of the year, it’s great if we can rise above everyday life, even for a moment. 


"We wanted our readers to feel a little sense of excitement and celebration when they get their hands on the new magazine. The visual design and the printing effects chosen for this issue's cover have a good touch of glamour – and perhaps a glimpse of the style of the 1920s. The eye-catching chocolate sweets photographed for the cover were found in the diverse product range of Finnish artisan chocolate producer Kultasuklaa," says Anna-Kaisa Kontinaho, Managing Editor of Board Magazine.

Chocolate in particular is a delicate product to package, and that's why the role of safe fresh fibre paperboard in building an enjoyable consumer experience can be vital. However, in addition to being alert to product safety issues, also chocolate consumers consider the environmental impact of the products they buy.

 So sustainability is yet again the overarching theme of the magazine's content. At Metsä Board, people's expertise and a collaborative approach meet the latest technology that enables the faster innovation of material-efficient but protective and strong packaging. The renewable wood raw material used for the paperboard is sourced from forests that are managed sustainably with research-based methods. We are well positioned to meet the current developments affecting the packaging material industry, and all this is reflected in the topics of our magazine.

We hope that the winter issue of Board Magazine will inspire you to think about the use of paperboard in packaging in a new way. We offer information, inspiration and food for thought.

But when the time comes, let's not forget to party!

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