Metsä Board packaging innovations

Boxing clever

​The latest and greatest packaging innovations are within reach.
A retail-ready display need not be a hassle. Simply rip off the top and this package becomes a showcase. Note the colour reproduction – the colour of the carton and the retail-ready packaging must be identical, a result now within reach.
Retail-ready display packaging, Metsä Board
Outer: Modo Northern Light Flexo 120 g/m2
Fluting: Modo Northern Light 130 g/m2 (e-flute)
Inner: Modo Northern Light 160 g/m2 (uncoated)

We’re all familiar with bag-in-box when enjoying wines and juices, but Metsä Board’s new patent-pending elevated drink box allows the consumer to fill and refill without awkward positioning at the table edge.
Juice box, Metsä Board elevated drink box
Outer: Kemiart Lite+ 175 g/m2
Fluting: Modo Northern Light 130 g/m2 (e-flute)
Inner: Modo Northern Light 160 g/m2

This chocolate box is full of surprising details. When you open the outer box – just as you would open a book – two separate boxes with opening mechanisms of their own are to be found inside.

Chocolate box, Metsä Board
Carta Allura 320 g/m2
Carta Integra 285 g/ m2
Carta Solida 260 g/m2

New mini-wave fluting allows for great stiffness and a superb white printing surface. The perfect combination of light and strong needed for a corrugated frozen pizza box.
Pizza box, Metsä Board
Outer: Modo Northern Light Litho 160 g/m2
Fluting: Modo Northern Light 100 g/m2 (e-flute)
Inner: Modo Northern Light 100/m2

Who has time for weighing out portions in the heat of the moment? This pre-portioned spaghetti packet is for consumers with better things to do. Our paperboards – made from fresh forest fibres – are the ideal safe material for your food.
Spaghetti packet, Metsä Board
Simcote 260 g/m2

Embossing, combined with excellent colour reproduction, gives the highquality feel that premium coffee capsules have to represent. The bottom of the pack gives the consumer convenient access to the product.
Coffee capsules, Metsä Board
Carta Solida 270 g/m2

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