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Embracing the digital age

​In Metsä Board’s view, digital printing is challenging the whole packaging value chain, from design to box manufacturing.
​Metsä Board recognises a need to fully embrace the concept of ‘digital’ and understand that it is not just about printing.

“For the packaging industry, it is essential to develop an overall process for digital packaging production, utilising the best know-how of various parties,” says Lauri Järvinen, Technical Marketing Manager at Metsä Board. He held a presentation on the subject ‘Developing paperboards with a network of digital experts’ at the Digital Print for Packaging Europe 2016 conference in Berlin, Germany, organised on 6–7 December.
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Ultimately, digitalisation brings added value to the packaging production process in terms of personalisation and speed to market.

According to Järvinen, Metsä Board sees that the fastest growth for digital printing will be in corrugated board printing with digital inkjet being the dominating technology. In terms of folding cartons and graphical applications, electrophotography remains the primary technology. However, Metsä Board predicts that inkjet will gradually gain a larger share of the folding carton sector.
Lauri Järvinen, Metsä Board
“Consequently, we anticipate the demand for fresh fibre based paperboards to grow for digital end-uses."

Metsä Board aims to develop and manufacture cartonboards and linerboards, which meet the demands for all commonly used print technologies, including digital printing.

”In this way we can ensure that converters have the flexibility to use conventional or digital print methods without having to duplicate or hold extra stocks,” Järvinen concludes.

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