Metsä Board's online impact report - How paperboard can make a difference

Explore why sustainable packaging matters with Metsä Board’s impact report tool

​How many tonnes of food have we wasted this year? What impact can switching from plastic to paperboard packaging have? What are the benefits of reducing the weight of paperboard? All these questions and more are answered in Metsä Board’s online impact report – an interactive, visual tool that highlights the importance of sustainable packaging.  

Developed in collaboration with Finnish startup AskKauko and first launched in 2019, the Metsä Board impact report tool provides a window into the world of sustainable packaging with a wealth of facts and insights into why packaging matters – and why paperboard is the ideal choice to reduce the use of plastic for example in food packaging applications. The visual, interactive tool is part of Metsä Board’s efforts to make sustainability topics accessible to a wider audience. 

“By presenting sustainability topics and sharing facts about the role of packaging as part of an interactive story, we can help people engage with the topic more easily,” says Sari Koski, Sustainability Specialist at Metsä Board. 

“As people explore the tool they can dive deeper into what makes renewable fresh fibre a sustainable raw material and how we tackle the challenge of resource efficiency. They can also learn about how wood fibre-based packaging compares to plastic packaging in terms of recyclability and why it’s a safe choice for food contact,” Sari continues.  

The tool is updated annually with the latest data from Metsä Board’s own operations and from third-party sources. 

A visual and interactive journey 

Users can soak up a host of facts and figures about topics like food waste, energy and water usage and packaging recycling rates as well as engage with the interactive elements of the tool for more insights. These include a calculator to show the potential greenhouse gas emission savings when switching from recycled PET plastic to paperboard carton.

“Through the tool users can also learn about how our work contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as well as finding out more about Metsä Board and our sustainability targets and initiatives,” Sari explains.

“The tool helps us to demonstrate how we take care of sustainability in forest management, how our operations are increasingly powered by fossil-free energy, and why wood fibre – which can be recycled again and again, is the perfect solution for the circular economy,” Sari says. “We are constantly exploring fresh and inspiring new ways to communicate fact-based information about the impact of our operations and the positive effect of making sustainable choices,” Sari concludes.

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