Ferrero promotes active collaboration on sustainability

​Confectionery manufacturer Ferrero shared us their views on the role of suppliers and packaging with regards to sustainability.


Alessandro Olivero, sourcing category manager at Ferrero Trading Lux S.A., believes that consumer expectations towards sustainability will focus on three topics: food safety, the simplification of packaging, and new markets. In his view, it is crucial that producers adopt packaging solutions that ensure safety, freshness and quality, while minimizing the use of resources and materials. Also, the expectations of consumers in new markets, such as developing countries and via online shopping, may lead to new challenges for sustainable packaging solutions.

“We believe that sustainability can be successful only when following a two-way path: suppliers provide input and innovative solutions, while producers offer support with dedicated storytelling aimed at an increased consumer involvement,” Olivero says.

In his view, suppliers can help by establishing an open dialogue and providing complementary information on aspects related to sustainability. Besides the raw material itself, the focus should also be on, for example, data on production processes and ecological design.

Complete life cycle solution

With regards to packaging design, Olivero says their packaging briefs at Ferrero focus on two key pillars: product protection and safety.

“Our efforts to avoid loss of quality and food waste, and to grant a longer shelf life, have always been coupled with continuous research towards the minimization of environmental impacts.”

He notes that the circular economy concept, aimed mainly at recyclable packaging solutions, is surely one way to achieve a better environmental performance for packaging in general.

“However, we believe that strategic decisions should be based on a LCA approach that takes all stages of the life cycle of the product, and packaging, into account in a more comprehensive way. Also, we believe it is essential to start a collaboration along the whole supply chain, involving producers, consumers and waste collection as well as recovery systems.”

To find out more brand owner insights on the constantly developing consumer expectations on sustainability, read the latest issue of Metsä Board Magazine. 

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