Wahlman house pictured in spring 2021

Future of Äänekoski’s historic Wahlman house assured

The historic Wahlman log house, which is now located on land owned by Metsä Board in the centre of Äänekoski, will be moved to a new plot in a fitting environment. Owing to a change in the city plan, Metsä Board will move the Wahlman house to the Äänekoski Museum of Art park. The company will also transfer ownership of the house to the City of Äänekoski.

Metsä Board has a folding boxboard mill in Äänekoski, Central Finland. The mill’s first paperboard production line started up in 1899.
 “For an industrial company like us, it is of key importance that the land area owned by the company is well suited to business needs both now and in the future. Because of the change in the city plan, we move the Wahlman house to a location where it can be preserved for future generations in a worthy environment,” says Veli-Pekka Kyllönen, VP and Mill Manager, Metsä Board Äänekoski.
The Wahlman house has special significance in terms of the history of industry and construction. Designed by architect Birger Federley and constructed in 1924, the house was originally used by senior officers of the Äänekoski mills. The building has since been used primarily for residential purposes, but also as a training and conference venue and, most recently, as facilities for associations and meetings. 
Metsä Board has planned the dismantling and transfer of the Wahlman house very carefully based on the assessment of the building’s condition. The project is to be completed by the end of the year.

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