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Intriguing experiences for curious tea drinkers

​For tea and teawares company T2, packaging is an essential part of enjoying tea.

​Tea has historically been quite a traditional category for marketing, but T2, an Australian tea and teawares company lives by the mantra of “tea done differently” and aims to provide exciting tea experiences for customers.

Packaging design is of course part of the appeal of tea drinking.  In T2’s this year’s Christmas campaign, The Grand Most Exotic T2 Bazaar, the fruit flavoured teas are packed in fruit shaped boxes.

“We are famous for serving up an amazing selection of fruit flavours, and fruit is also one of the many things you would find at a bazaar. The packaging concept flowed quite effortlessly but making the boxes proved far more challenging,” says Chris Stanko, Lead Designer – Brand & Packaging from T2.


Overcoming challenging structures

To create the best packaging design for the campaign, T2 collaborated with Metsä Board. The speciality of this project was that the design was printed on the reverse side of the board to give the outer packaging a softer texture. The top side is inside the box.

T2 chose Metsä Board as their partner since the shapes required extremely capable structural designers. Also, Metsä Board’s ability to offer an excellent design service in addition to the great selection of paperboard had been proved in previous projects.

The fruit-shaped tea packaging hit the stores at the start of November, and according to Stanko, the response has been very rewarding. The packaging range has already won a Merit Award at the Hong Kong Print Award 2016.

There is also something new going on with T2 and Metsä Board. Stanko promises some fun and interesting concepts for a range of new product releases next year.


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