Behind the scenes of making a video of Husum new proction line, setting up video camera

Lights! Camera! Action!

​At the beginning of 2016, Metsä Board started up a new folding boxboard production line at its Husum mill in Sweden. A new video was produced to highlight this, made in collaboration with Valmet – the technology company who supplied the new line.

Personnel in the story of the video, a woman smiling

The video portrays day one of Husum’s new folding boxboard machine. The story is told through personnel, highlighting the importance of their know-how.

Mother with a paper cup

We see a mother arrive at work, along with a paper cup made by her young son. Then the magic begins to happen.

Video settings at the scene

Husum’s production includes active collaboration with Metsä Board’s customers, personnel and partners.

The folding boxboard production line

board machine, BM1, produces high-quality folding boxboard and food service board with an annual capacity of 400,000 tons.

Watch the full video below:

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