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Lightweight packaging for dreamy delights

​When Hershey was looking for a more sustainable, lightweight and efficient solution for their Cookies & Chocolate secondary package, Metsä Board’s design team was keen to take on the challenge. 


The Hershey’s Cookies & Chocolate secondary package contains 14 Hershey’s chocolate bars in individual wrapping. This new and innovative packaging solution, launched on the Chinese market in 2017, enhances sustainability while preserving the original look of the package. 

Before the redesign, the packaging consisted of five individual pieces: a recycled paperboard (425 g/m2), three corrugated board inserts (515 g/m2), and a sheet of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) glued to the paperboard. 

Hershey's old packaging

These five pieces made the packaging assembly process complicated and inefficient. Three of the five components, the corrugated board inserts, made up approximately 45% of the total packaging weight. Another issue was the glue used for attaching the PET sheet to the paperboard, which complicated the recycling process.

Redesigning and improving the overall packaging structure – and the switch to MetsäBoard Classic FBB 290 g/m2 paperboard that this entailed – sped up the assembly process, reduced the weight and improved the sustainability of the package.

The final cost-effective and lightweight packaging solution consists only of a single one-piece construction paperboard package printed on MetsäBoard Classic FBB 290 g/m2 and an easily removable PET sheet, yet still maintains the desired visual identity.

Hershey's new packaging

Compared to a weight of 59 grams before the makeover, Metsä Board managed to reduce Hershey’s Cookies & Chocolate secondary package's weight to a mere 33 grams, a reduction of almost 44%. In addition, the new, removable PET sheet enables trouble-free recycling, vastly improving the package’s sustainability profile.

Hershey’s benefits from the new packaging design are three-fold: 

• Having fewer packaging components allows a more effective assembly process and reduces costs
• The removable PET sheet enables recycling of the entire package
• The use of MetsäBoard Classic FBB 290 g/m2 paperboard significantly reduces packaging weight

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