Success Story

MetsäBoard Pro FBB Bright improves sustainability and reduces cost for Medicine-On-Time 


A leader in the medication adherence market, Medicine-On-Time, provides innovation in medication synchronisation, multi-dose pharmaceutical packaging software, colour-coded calendar cards for compliance packaging and much more. They were experiencing issues with their packaging due to tearing, sealing issues and print quality problems. Consequently, Medicine-On-Time was searching for a solution that satisfied customers, best represented the brand across the US market and met their sustainability goals. 

Due to their interactive packaging designs, customers continue to use the medicine packaging until the product has run out, requiring a high-quality folding boxboard to maintain structural integrity. The solution was MetsӓBoard Pro FBB Bright which provided an outstanding print surface and a structure that did not tear during press runs and customer use. The change of board lengthened the life of the print dies used during the printing process, as well as improving the heat seal coating placed on the board. 

The lighter weight of the board utilised less material throughout the entire value chain, aligning with the company's sustainability goals. However, the most notable difference of the lightweight board was the resulting reduction in costs. By using MetsӓBoard Pro FBB Bright, Medicine-On-Time had a 5lb weight reduction per shipping box. This decreased each boxes' weight from 20lbs to 15lbs, resulting in dramatic cost savings.

The end result were cost savings, customer satisfaction and excellent printability. "We've seen huge savings in freight costs," says Michael Stevenson, Vice President of Operations at Medicine-On-Time. "Metsӓ Board's product is whiter as well, which looks so much cleaner and prints better."

​Board supplier:​Metsä Board
​Board grade:MetsäBoard Pro FBB Bright 250 g/m2; 16.3 PT

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