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Metsä Board on CDP's Water A List for the second year in a row

​Metsä Board is among the leading companies in sustainable management of water resources.
CDP Water A List 2016, Metsä BoardFor the second year in a row, Metsä Board was awarded a position in CDP’s Water A List. From the 607 companies disclosing their water management data to CDP, only 4% made it to the 2016 Water A List. Metsä Board was the only European forest company to achieve the A listing. 

“Earning a position on CDP’s Water A List shows that we manage water responsibly in our processes and that we belong to world’s top performing companies in water management,” says Anne Uusitalo, Sustainability Manager at Metsä Board. “Even though we operate in water rich areas, we continuously develop our production processes to minimise water use.”

Metsä Board uses only surface water in its production, and around 98% of the used water is returned to nature after careful cleaning.

The full Water A List and water security scores are available on CDP's website

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Anne Uusitalo

Anne Uusitalo, Sustainability manager at Metsä Board

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