SkinCare 2.0

Prestigious packaging – multiple awards for SkinCare 2.0 gift box

​Metsä Board’s SkinCare 2.0 gift box design is following in the footsteps of its predecessor that has received multiple awards for its innovative design. On December 4th, the new, improved gift box was named Champion of Packaging Printing, Paper Packaging, at the 29th Hong Kong Print Awards.


​Three years after the successful launch of the SkinCare box set, all the comments from various brand owners were carefully evaluated, and Metsä Board’s packaging design team created the new and improved SkinCare 2.0 gift box. The objective based on the feedback was to keep the positive features, while adding new elements to improve the user experience and production processes. 

“Our target for the new and improved cartons was to keep all the appreciated benefits: light-weight materials and the elimination of the plastic wrap. In addition, each SkinCare 2.0 box offers a unique opening experience, and the new cartons are now designed to be easier to run on packing lines,” says Cyril Drouet, Design and Innovation Director at Metsä Board.

design process sketch

First introduced at Luxe Pack 2017, SkinCare 2.0 now achieved recognition also in the Hong Kong Print Awards. On top of the Champion of Packaging Printing award, the SkinCare 2.0 gift box received Merit Awards in both Best Creative Printing and Best Crafted Book categories.

 ”We have been fortunate enough to have been previously awarded Champion of Packaging Printing at these prestigious awards and I am very pleased that this tradition of success continues,” says Drouet. He emphasizes that the recognition for the SkinCare 2.0 box is “a good example of how Metsä Board wants to inspire packaging designers and brand owners with new innovative solutions in packaging design and using renewable materials.”

Hong Kong Print Awards winners, Cyril Drouet

The SkinCare 2.0 carton uses both Metsä Board’s folding boxboards and microflute structures that are made of Metsä Board’s white kraftliners, and therefore these new carton structures are 20-30 % lighter in weight compared to traditional cartons. Thus, when it comes to Metsä Board and its designs, sometimes thinking outside of the box can help create the perfect box.

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SkinCare 2.0

​Our products used in SkinCare Box 2.0:

​First inner box
Outer material: MetsäBoard Prime FBB 280 g/m²
Inner material: MetsäBoard Natural WKL 90/70/70 g/m²

Second packaging structure
Outer material: MetsäBoard Pro FBB Bright 280 g/m²
Inner material: MetsäBoard Natural WKL 90/70/70 g/m²

Third box structure
Outer material: MetsäBoard Prime FBB 280 g/m²
Inner material: MetsäBoard Natural WKL 90/70/70 g/m²

The outer rigid box is made with a new pulp molding process – especially designed for Metsä Fibre's pure fresh fibre pulp.


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