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Smarties Giant Hexatube finalist in European Carton Excellence Awards 2021

​Pro Carton and ECMA have recently revealed the finalists for the European Carton Excellence Award 2021. Smarties Giant Hexatube, produced by the carton converter WestRock on Metsä Board paperboard, is one of the finalists.


The new 'Smarties Giant Hexatube' is a plastic-free pack, comprised of a one-piece construction made entirely from recyclable paperboard with an integrated cartonboard lid. The lid has glued 'ears' that break open and tabs that reseal the pack. Most cartons which are auto-erected are four sided but this pack has six sides which requires high levels of cutting and creasing accuracy to form and fill the pack consistently at high speed.

The Giant Hexatube resembles the iconic smaller round tube but without any of the previous plastic elements, while still offering excellent graphic opportunities for branding.

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