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​Nina Happonen, VP of sales at Metsä Board Americas, shares her thoughts on the US market today.

​What are the latest trends in food service sector in the US market?

As the on-the-go lifestyle continues to be a large trend in the US market, consumers want to feel good about the products they are buying. With busy lifestyles, people look for convenient and sustainable ways to consume and transport food. They have become more aware of challenges ahead and the need to use resources wisely, and expect this also from the products they buy and packaging as part of that.

Nina Happonen, VP of sales at Metsä Board Americas
Nina Happonen, VP of sales at Metsä Board Americas


Another large trend that continues to grow is safety and protection. More than ever, consumers are looking for peace of mind in knowing that their food products are packaged safely and will not be damaged or harmed.


What are the biggest challenges and opportunities you see?

At Metsä Board, we started to innovate for sustainability long before it became a trendy thing to do. This expertise is now more relevant and important than ever in the US market, where brand owners, retailers and consumers are increasingly aware of sustainability and environmental issues.  Brand owners and retailers are already acting upon this and this is affecting the whole packaging industry, too. 

The demand of packaging that supports a green initiative is no longer just an option for companies, it is a requirement. Our customers are looking for partner that shares their values and ideas, and we are perfectly positioned to help our customers with these challenges.


How do you think that Metsä Board’s “Better with Less” approach is received in the US market?

The response to the "Better with Less" philosophy has been very positive so far – the quest for better consumer experiences with less environmental impact speaks to customers. Our customers and partners have been supportive of the changes, and appreciate the improved clarity of our product and service offering.

The clearly defined product categories have been created to reflect a more unified company, and to help our customers find the best possible packaging solution for their end-use. Metsä Board cups and plates, FSB
As consumer demands increase, they require more and more sustainability from the brands they buy, while at the same time wanting new experiences and delight. This is a big opportunity for us to create new solutions and better packaging together.

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