The fruits of student cooperation: 
completely biodegradable jewellery packaging

Kaisa Jäntti showed the world how the packaging of a high-quality luxury item such as jewellery can be made entirely from biodegradable materials.

​Kaisa Jäntti, who graduated from Lahti University of Applied Sciences as a furniture designer, was inspired at the advanced stage of her studies by the design potential of foam-formed softwood pulp. She came across the idea while participating in the NoMa project led by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

"The foam-formed softwood pulp felt soft and luxuriant. It came to me that this material could have potential in packaging design above all. This seemed so important that I decided to do my thesis on it," Jäntti says.

A new kind of material for the inside structure of the packaging

 The most innovative aspect of Jäntti's work is the use of soft biodegradable material for the inside structure of the packaging, instead of plastic. Foam-formed softwood pulp can also provide a pleasant experience on opening a package, as opposed to the plastic bubble wrap that is often used in packages and parcels.

"In addition to using only biodegradable materials for inner structure of the packaging, I also wanted to design the packaging so that no glue would be necessary. Another important goal was to make recycling easier. All parts of the packaging – the inner structures made from foam formed pulp, and the paperboard components – can be disposed of in paperboard recycling containers. The key goal of my work is to set an example in the field by promoting environmentally-friendly packaging design," says Kaisa Jäntti.

Metsä Board cooperated with Jäntti on her thesis project. "When I had decided on the topic, Metsä Board prepared a suitable assignment. Metsä Board supported my ideas at every stage of the project, and the cooperation was really smooth . Multidisciplinary cooperation is important, and empowering."

Kaisa Jäntti's packaging is on display at the Habitare interior, design and furniture fair from 13–17 September 2017 at Messukeskus fair centre in Helsinki. Kaisa's work can be found in the NoMa project's FOR REST section, in The Block area, which showcases bold and innovative design.

The main participants in the NoMa project were VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, the Lahti Institute of Design (part of the Lahti University of Applied Sciences) and Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. The possibilities offered by foam-formed softwood pulp is examined as part of VTT's material research project, which is also funded by Metsä Board.

The foam-formed softwood pulp, used in the inner structures of the packaging, feels soft and luxuriant.
   ​​All parts of the packaging can be recycled easily.
Foam-formed softwood pulp is also a stylish and sustainable alternative for plastic bubble wrap.

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