Essentra luxury paperboard packaging

The golden collaboration

​15 years of close collaboration help Metsä Board and Essentra meet the key trends for luxury and personal care packaging.


​Essentra Packaging is a leading global supplier of specialist secondary healthcare and personal care packaging, including cartons, labels and leaflets.

Following a successful presence at Luxe Pack last October, Essentra’s Alan Davies, Global Design Studio Manager, talks about the trends that they are forecasting for personal care and luxury packaging: “Having reviewed the market and looked at the predicted trends for the near future, Essentra believes in 2018 the key trends will be: harmony and proportion, otherworldly patterns, natural inspiration, city styles and contemporary design. Therefore, patterns and images inspired by space, stone, water, symmetrical shapes and clean lines will prove popular.” 

Alan goes onto outline the implications of these trends for packaging design; “Elements such as rich textures and high craft are key in making products look and feel more luxurious. This will lead to more cartons with interesting shapes, structures and finishes.” 

To help its clients visualise these themes, Essentra produced the ‘Golden Ratio Pack’ which includes MetsäBoard Prime FBB and other Metsä Board paperboard grades. Alan explains the objective of this sample pack; “The pack demonstrates all of Essentra’s luxury packaging capabilities in one box, incorporating the trends we predict will stand out in 2018. Luxury brands must be seen to be the trendsetters in the industry and we believe that the packaging they use must integrate all aspects of design, structure, security and aesthetics.” 

Alan predicts that these trends will also impact print finishing and effects; “Personal care and luxury brands can add another dimension to their product design by incorporating the use of tactile and tangible elements, often through finishing and effects. These elements must reflect the brand and product messages, for example, a liquid-feeling texture can be implemented on a moisturising cream carton to indicate hydration. Popular finishes – which are incorporated on the ‘Golden Ratio Pack’ include gloss and matt varnishes, cold foiling, pearlescent, embossing and debossing, anti-scratch lamination and holographic effects.”

With beautiful packaging, reuse is encouraged, and Essentra works with customers to create packaging that supports more sustainable behaviour. “By deliberately thinking about longevity in early conception stages of design, specialty packaging features such as cartons with easy closures or resealable labels can be added, encouraging end consumers to reuse original packaging”, says Alan.

Essentra clearly recognise the benefits of long-term partnerships with its suppliers as Alan explains; “Metsä Board and Essentra have worked together for many years. We really appreciate the approach we have with Metsä Board.” 

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