Davide Renzi (Rotta), Ernest Ginjaume (Comart), Mika Paljakka (Metsä Board)

The time is right for improved service

​Integrated cartonboard distributer ProntoPack offers a new European platform for quick deliveries and small batches.


​At the end of 2017, ProntoPack began operations – the realisation of a dream of two entrepreneurs, Ernest Ginjaume, CEO of Comart in Spain, and Davide Renzi, CEO of Fratelli Rotta in Italy. Both have been long-term customers of Metsä Board. But more than that brought them together.

Ginjaume and Renzi both come from domestic family-owned cartonboard supply companies for the food, pharmaceutical and beautycare industries. And both saw that Europe was quickly evolving toward a single market. The need for faster delivery times and smaller order sizes was growing, due to more frequent promotional campaigns and shorter production runs.

 “About a year ago, we started discussing how we could offer better service, quicker deliveries and smaller batches to converters on a European level,” says Davide Renzi. “We met in Barcelona, and ProntoPack was born. It’s the perfect combination of ‘pronto’ for speed and ‘pack’ which is our business. It was the perfect time to do this.”

Speeding up service

ProntoPack is a unique platform that brings a completely new level of service to European converters – a new way to join the board producers with the converters – the missing service link.

Converters can now get just-in-time deliveries averaging about 3 to 5 days, with sheeting to size, and small batches of any quantity. This allows converters to purchase small volumes of premium board, eliminating capital tied up in stock. ProntoPack even helps to optimize stock by keeping it at their premises, if desired. This gives converters the ability to take small-batch or quick-turnaround orders they wouldn’t be able to do earlier.

Davide Renzi, Fratelli Rotta (left) and Ernest Ginjaume, Comart (right)

Partnership to support long-term goals

“We chose Metsä Board as our main paperboard supplier – our partner. Metsä Board is well recognised in the market for its quality, and ProntoPack stands for quality,” Ernest Ginjaume explains. “It was also important for us to find a supplier that supports our long-term vision and really believes in partnership.”

For Metsä Board, it is a valuable partnership too. By working with ProntoPack, the company also will have even better access to local markets.

“Metsä Board is innovative and has a leading position, especially in fresh fibre board grades that are replacing recycled fibre boards due to new regulations for food packaging,” says Ginjaume.

Ambitious growth plans

In July 2018, Ginjaume and Renzi plan to open a sheeting centre in Germany’s Lübeck harbour, where 3 to 4 ships per week bring Metsä Board’s paperboard for processing. From there, they will continue on rail to converters around Europe. This will save substantial amounts of money tied up in stock and logistics, and speed up delivery. Another centre is planned later in France.

For now, the two ProntoPack founders are busy growing their network throughout Europe with like-minded board-supplying entrepreneurs who believe just as passionately as they do in providing the best possible service.

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