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Unified product offering makes selection simple

We have recently clarified our offering to help customers easily find the perfect products to fit their exact needs. Let’s take a look at the changes and how our collaborations will benefit from them.


Metsä Board offers a wide range of premium paperboards designed to promote the brand all the way. “The Metsä Board family of sustainable, safe and lightweight paperboards includes solutions for the product package itself, various retail applications and on-the-go solutions for food services. The portfolio can answer both the trend towards natural-looking products, and the need to emphasise the premium quality of the product – depending on what the brand wants to reflect,” says Sari Pajari, SVP, marketing and sales at Metsä Board.

To help customers make the selection for their project more easily, we have created the following four distinct categories – ranging from a natural look to a premium one – for our folding boxboards, food-service boards and white kraftliners:

Introducing our new paperboard product categories

Natural products provide, as the name suggests, a ‘natural’ look and feel, with good printability that gives colours and images more emphasis. Products in the Classic category combine reliable performance with excellent value for money, making them ideal for fast-moving goods requiring good shelf visibility and food safety. Our Pro products offer strong brightness and smoothness, and are designed for high-value products that require outstanding brand promotion through more demanding printing, converting and forming techniques. Finally, Prime products are ideal for premium high-end brands, combining excellent brightness and surface-smoothness characteristics to help achieve world-class printing, converting and special effects.Metsä Board's paperboard applications

Selection made simpler

Sari Pajari spells out how the changes will benefit our customers. “All the products our customers already know and trust are included in the portfolio, with the same winning properties,” she states. “But the new way of organising them offers more simplicity, and a clearer logic. Selecting fit-for-purpose products for a wide range of brand-packaging and promotion applications has never been easier.”

The unified product offering is complemented by a range of expert services, to help Metsä Board’s customers achieve better consumer experiences with less environmental impact. Our expert services cover a range of solutions targeted for specific needs, including packaging analysis and design, technical expertise and R&D, as well as availability services.  

 The key is collaboration – we believe in constant improvement, and in developing packaging solutions together. This new way of looking at Metsä Board’s offering brings us one step closer to the customer, and allows us to take a proactive role in bringing them solutions and ideas for future success in a highly competitive market.

Please visit our website for the new product names as well as a conversion tool. There is also a handy product table with direct links to product-specific technical data.

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