Worry-free forest management

​Sanna Pastila from Helsinki and the Kangas couple from Nivala in Northern Ostrobothnia represent different types of forest owners. Pastila lives far away from her forest holdings, while Olli and Helena are farmers.

Pastila has a comprehensive forest management agreement with Metsä Group. She has a forest holding of more than 100 hectares in the Savitaipale region, 200 kilometres from Helsinki. She inherited part of her holding from her father and bought the rest in a change-of-generation transaction. As an urban forest owner, she finds the electronic services provided for owner-members to be particularly useful.

“I try to visit my forest holding at least once a year, but I use the Metsaverkko online service practically every week,” says Pastila.

Metsaverkko provides up-to-date information about the owner’s forest management plans, complete with maps, as well as information about forthcoming forest management measures, logging and investments. The forest management plan is also available as a mobile app, which Pastila finds ideal for taking pictures and notes in the forest. As well as providing financial security, forests serve as a recreational resource for Pastila.

“Even though we live in Helsinki, we live right beside a forest. The forest is our second living room: we go for walks and picnics, and also pick berries and mushrooms. I always say that this is the furthest that I will ever move from a forest,” Pastila says with a laugh.


From one generation to another

Olli and Helena Kangas run the Jokisaari dairy farm, which was passed on to them by Olli’s parents in a change-of-generation arrangement. The farm keeps the couple busy to such a degree that they decided to rely on Metsa Group for help with managing their forest holding of 35 hectares. They have been satisfied with the expert help.

The cooperation began in 2010, when they sold wood for the first time. They have also had logs sawn for their own use, to renovate the main building of the farm.

“It would be easier to buy the wood from a retailer, but it’s a nice feeling to know the origin of the wood used in our house.”

The couple are looking for financial gain, but values related to recreation and the landscape are also important to them. Owning forests is in itself something their entire family values.

“The feeling that you are able to take responsibility for forests is important. We want to teach forest management to our children as well,” says Helena Kangas.

The Kangas family turned to Metsä Group's experts 

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