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Metsä Board’s eco-barrier paperboard

Eco-barrier paperboard FSB EB1

A true eco-product for the growing food service sector

Urbanisation and busy lifestyles are shaping food consumption habits globally. More food is consumed on the go. This means billions of single-use takeaway packs which are used and disposed of every day. The world needs packaging solutions that are easy to recycle and recover and made of renewable materials.

The special barrier treatment developed for MetsäBoard Pro FSB EB1 improves the grease resistance of the board making it an ecological and efficient packaging material. The new product is safe for direct food contact and it is free of optical brighteners (OBA free). It is recyclable with conventional recycling systems.

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Paperboards for on the go


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Our extensive range of paperboards includes folding boxboards, food service boards and white kraftliners. Our lightweight paperboards help you create the most powerful brand experiences – from the package itself to various retail solutions and on-the-go solutions for food service.

Lightweight boards are resource efficient in many ways: they consume less raw materials, decrease transport weights and produce less waste. They also enable optimal safety and protection, and more appealing promotion.

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Create great packaging with renewable materials

Paperboard packaging with renewable materials

Metsä Board’s expert knowledge of paperboards combined with award-winning design competence gives your business that special edge to create packaging that sets your product apart from the competition. 

If this piques your curiosity, then read about how our solutions in packaging design to help brands create better consumer experiences with less environmental impact.


Better with Less – Design Challenge

Better with Less – Design Challenge

Creating BETTER consumer experience with LESS impact on the environment

Billions of consumer packages are consumed globally every day, and as the population continues to grow, so will the number of packages. Packages will continue to have an important role in protecting and promoting products in the future, but as consumption grows, it’s becoming ever more important to develop packaging solutions that enable the use of renewable, non-fossil based materials and a wiser use of resources.

The international packaging design competition Better with Less – Design Challenge, organised by Metsä Board, aimed to find new environmentally-friendly and functional packaging solutions for some of the world’s most frequently used and fastest growing types of consumer packages. The competition inspired designers around the world – altogether 302 exceptionally high-quality entries were submitted from 38 different countries.

The winner of the competition has been chosen. The winning design  is “Stretching Inner Part” and it was submitted by Iiro Numminen into the e-commerce category.


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Better with Less – Design Challenge


Paperboards for on the go

​Range now complete

Food on the go is a trend that goes hand in hand with effective packaging – for protection, food safety, insulation, branding, and ease of use in eating or drinking. Consumers appreciate paperboard, as it uses renewable fresh fibres.

Metsä Board has a range of boards especially developed for food service. We have boards for hot and cold drink cups, plates and bowls, trays and lunch boxes, takeaway containers and food packaging.

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Metsä Board Magazine


Reading through the Magazine stories you will learn how Metsä Board serves you with ecological, high-performance paperboards for consumer goods, retail-ready and food service.

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   Trends & inspiration

  • Demand for paperboard packaging is increasing in Asia

    2018/ Markets and trends

    Urbanisation radar: Hyper-convenience

    ​Demographic shifts - with more urban, single, carless, digitally enabled yet time-starved or physically restricted consumers - are driving the demand for faster and more convenient shopping and consumption.

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  • Blueberries

    2018/ Customers

    Capturing the Arctic through design

    ​Designed in cooperation with Metsä Board’s packaging and design services, Arctic Blue Gin’s new package reflects the pure Arctic ambience.

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  • Iiro Numminen

    2018/ Products and services

    Better with less – design challenge winners talk about their innovations

    ​In Metsä Board’s Better with Less – Design Challenge, innovative solutions for frequently used consumer packages were gathered from entrants around the world. A key focus area in the competition was in creating better experiences for consumers while reducing the environmental impact of the packaging in general.

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  • Urban city view

    2018/ Markets and trends

    Urbanisation radar: paperboard demand

    ​What kind of packaging solutions do urban consumers want, and how is urbanisation affecting the demand for paperboard? 

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  • Arrow box art by Jo Di Bona

    2018/ Markets and trends

    Adapting to e-commerce

    ​The global e-commerce market is growing at double digit growth rates. Increasing e-commerce offers numerous opportunities for packaging suppliers, but also challenges, as online shopping places new requirements on packaging.

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  • Davide Renzi, Ernest Ginjaume, Mika Paljakka

    2018/ Customers

    The time is right for improved service

    ​Integrated cartonboard distributer ProntoPack offers a new European platform for quick deliveries and small batches.

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  • 2018/ Products and services

    Reducing carbon footprint with the revolutionary Lidloc cup

    ​With the growing trend of beverages on the go and expanding consumption, it has become even more important to develop resource-saving solutions with renewable materials. Metsä Board’s in-house design team revamped the traditional design of the paper cup leading them to an entirely new solution: Lidloc that reduces carbon footprint by 50% in comparison to traditional cups with plastic lids.

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  • Paperboard packaging

    2018/ Markets and trends

    Lighter weight paperboards are changing the game in the US

    ​Superb customer service and a superior product are gaining Metsä Board a strong foothold in the US market. Customers in the US embrace better, lighter and faster solutions.

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  • Hershey's packaging

    2018/ Products and services

    Lightweight packaging for dreamy delights

    ​When Hershey was looking for a more sustainable, lightweight and efficient solution for their Cookies & Chocolate secondary package, Metsä Board’s design team was keen to take on the challenge. 

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  • E-commerce box

    2018/ Markets and trends

    Urbanisation Radar: online retail

    ​How is online retail transforming the requirements of today’s consumer packaging?

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