We communicate openly

We communicate openly about our environmental impact

We communicate our product-specific environmental data through Paper Profile declarations. These declarations are issued for individual products to provide specific data on product composition and key environmental parameters (e.g. emissions into water and air, including COD, AOX, SO2 and CO2; waste; and purchased electricity consumption). Information is also provided on environmental management, the origin of wood, and chain of custody procedures.

Metsä Board was nominated on CDP’s Climate Change A-list in 2016. This high score indicates that a company provides robust climate data and conveys a strong understanding of corporate climate-related issues. Only companies with a score in the top 9 % were nominated on the A -list showing they have provided a high level of transparency in their disclosure of climate-related information.

Carbon footprint

The concept of a carbon footprint is one of the tools used to illustrate a product’s climate impacts. It demonstrates the carbon dioxide emissions generated during the processes behind the product. Metsä Board uses the carbon footprint concept to measure the fossil carbon emissions generated during product life cycles.

The results of carbon footprint calculations depend on the scope of the calculations: the wider and more extensive the scope is, the higher the emissions will be. Since different corporations currently use different methods for carbon footprint calculations, the resulting figures are not comparable from company to company. Metsä Board’s carbon footprint calculation is wide-ranging, starting from the procurement of wood raw material and covering the entire supply chain. Thus it gives a comprehensive view of the climate impacts of our products and their supply chain.

Paper profile ‒ an industry wide declaration

The Paper Profile scheme is a standardised tool used by the manufacturers of paper and board products to communicate the environmental performance of their products. It was jointly developed by paper manufacturers, distributors and industry associations across Europe. The goal of these product-specific declarations is to provide objective, transparent and comparable information on key environmental parameters such as emissions, electricity, waste and product composition.

Metsä Board uses several product declarations intended for pulp and paper products, such as Paper Profile, and we are working towards adopting a unified life cycle assessment approach across all our main product categories. In 2001 Metsä Board was amongst the first paperboard producers to launch Paper Profiles for all of its board products, and the information in these is always verified by an external third party. Metsä Board’s Paper Profiles can be found in each product’s detailed specifications. See the Paper Profiles of all our products.