Our Code of Conduct


The key principles of our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct highlights reliability, openness and fairness. This is a summary of some of the key Code of Conduct principles applied to all our business practices and ethical decision making. Commitment to our values, integrity and these key principles is applied throughout the group. See also the full text of our Code of Conduct on Metsä Group's website.

Our key principles include:

  • Full observance of the law
  • Clear and transparent operational and decision-making structures
  • Straightforward cooperation with customers, suppliers, colleagues and other stakeholders
  • The best possible completion of assignments
  • Enhancing personal performance and proficiency
  • The careful storage of confidential information
  • Full compliance with Metsä Group’s Sustainability Principles


Conflicts of interests

Metsä Board employees must never take part in business transactions that could result in conflicts between the interests of Metsä Board or its group companies and the interests of the employee or the employee’s circle of contacts. Everyone has the responsibility to openly disclose situations where the possibility of such a conflict of interest exists.

The finances of Metsä Board and its group companies should be kept totally separate from employees’ personal finances.


Gifts, bribery, corruption

Metsä Board employees must not accept any bribes or business gifts other than non-monetary business gifts of nominal value.

Metsä Board employees must not advance business through bribery or blackmail.


Metsä Board employees must not take part in any illegal practices that restrict competition, nor should they exchange business information or trade secrets with competitors.


Communications and flows of information within Metsä Board must be open and factually accurate.

Prevention of fraudulent actions

All fraudulent actions are forbidden within Metsä Board. All forms of fraud, including theft and deception, committed with the intention of gaining advantage will be reported to the authorities.

Implementation of the Code of Conduct, including enforcement and follow-up

  • The uncompromising commitment of Metsä Board’s senior management and line managers forms the basis of our enforcement of this Code of Conduct.
  • All line managers are responsible for the conduct of their subordinates. In unclear situations, employees must seek guidance from their managers, Group General Counsel or Compliance Officer on the correct course of action. Mutual feedback is given immediately and in personal development discussions.
  • Metsä Board is committed to protect the rights and privacy of individuals who report in good faith violations of our Code of Conduct or other non-compliance issues. All reported potential compliance violation are investigated.
  • The CEO of Metsä Board holds overall responsibility for the enforcement of this Code of Conduct. At group level enforcement is coordinated by the Compliance Officer.
  • Follow-up will be carried out within Metsä Board as part of internal auditing.

Metsä Board follows the wider Metsä Group’s clearly defined working methods and instructions with regard to environmental management, personnel management, equality and purchasing. Metsä Groups’s Supplier Code of Conduct guides our operations along supply chains. Mill-specific management systems related to quality, environment and safety at work are integrated into the daily work of Metsä Board’s mills.