Metsä Board eco-barrier plate Metsä Board eco-barrier plate

We can all make a difference - let’s act now

Paperboard offers endless possibilities for the packaging of the future. Metsä Board has created a new plastic-free alternative for the food and food service packaging that makes recycling easy. Metsä Board’s new eco-barrier paperboard ticks all the boxes in premium food and food service packaging.

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Food waste is a problem Puu käytetään sataprosenttisesti

Packaging to avoid food waste

Food waste is a huge problem. Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year gets lost or wasted.

Packaging is necessary to protect the food but new more sustainable packaging alternatives are needed.


Plastic-free eco-barrier ticks all the boxes

Plastic-free alternative

The eco-barrier paperboard offers you an alternative to plastics in end-uses requiring medium barrier properties. In case recycling is not an option the board is biodegradable and can be composted industrially or at home.

Recyclable with paper or paperboard

Plastic-free, the board does not require plastic separation, which makes recycling easy, ecological and cost-efficient.

Recycling along paper or board recycling systems according to the local legislation and practises.

Protective and strong, yet lightweight

A medium grease and moisture barrier as well as unique opportunities for sustainability and yield gains.

Safe for direct food contact
Made of pure and fully traceable fresh fibre with no fluorochemicals or optical brighteners (OBA).
Engaging brand experience

The brightest OBA-free board on the market, with excellent printability.

Why to choose plastic-free alternative?

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